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Canada’s Top Wealth Advisors 2022: Steve Barban

Nov 9, 2022

As one of Canada’s most esteemed Portfolio Managers, Steve Barban has been providing bespoke wealth management advice to an affluent clientele since 1988. After completing an Honours Degree in Commerce, Steve continued his education, earning the Certified Financial Planner and the Certified Investment Manager designations, and developing a strong base of knowledge from which to better guide his clients.





$100,000 –




$800,000 –

Steve is Lead Portfolio Manager at Gentry Capital/Manulife Securities Inc., and Chief Investment Officer at Gentry Capital Corporation. Starting from the ground up, Steve has built his discretionary practice organically. He proudly established an entirely differentiated offering for his clients based on knowledge, trustworthiness and, most important, creativity. His groundbreaking and unique portfolio strategy serves to instill confidence in his clientele. As proof, Steve has earned the highest score of the Dalbar Survey measuring Canada’s most trusted advisor.

All of his wealth strategies are thoroughly researched in-house and tailor-made, with nothing pre-packaged. When asked to comment on his investment philosophy, Steve describes himself as a Buffett-ologist with a twist, as his copyrighted methodology for portfolio management is exclusively available in Canada through Gentry Capital.

Steve adds that he is a better investor because he is a successful business person, and a better business person because he is a successful investor. He notes that similar principles and skill sets apply to both roles, allowing him to consistently uncover unique investment opportunities that are often hiding in plain sight. His methodology is aptly named the Uncommon Sense Theory.

Leveraging the knowledge of subject matter experts as needed, Steve and his dedicated team of six blanket their clients with customer care. They look to exceed expectations and standards wherever possible in order to create lifetime relationships. Whether around tax planning, investment or financial planning, insurance planning or estate planning, Steve and his team are well-versed on the best-in-class solutions for his clients.

As successful as he has been through his professional practice and other business pursuits, Steve is most proud of his role as dad to Tyler and Tori, and husband to Krista. In his spare time, you may find him on the ice, on the golf course or on the water. He and his family have also been heavily involved with charities, giving back in both their community and abroad.