Our Niche

What we Do Best

Our competent, creative and trustworthy financial advisors provide excellent stewardship of your financial assets based on their integrity and experience and focus on a superior level of service.


Top to Bottom Tailored Service.

Our advisory teams will tailor a preferred solution based on the unique needs for each scenario to ensure an entirely bespoke solution.

Experienced Advisory Teams

From advisors to assistants, our investment teams possess the experience, know-how and client-first attitude to help.

Unique Portfolio Management

The portfolio solution we propose will be distinct from any other found in Canda. We guarantee it.


Exclusive to Gentry Capital advisors, our Un-Common Sense Investment Theory is protected by copyright, and gives our clientele a huge advantage they would not enjoy elsewhere


A number of our advisor partners are Certified Financial Planners, which means that as “students of the business” they are keeping up-to-date on all current planning strategies as well as what pitfalls to avoid. Have questions? Do I have enough? How do I get there? Reach out for dedicated and experienced help.


I have enough. How do I now properly position my assets to minimize taxes and yet satisfy my wishes once I’m gone? Will an estate bond work for me? Our insurance licensed advisors offer estate, life and disability insurance through Manulife Wealth Insurance Inc.

From Our Founder

Make Your Own Opportunities

Is this you? You’ve worked extremely hard to achieve the wealth you now possess. Some days you feel you’re on the right track, while other days you second-guess. What you are sure of however, is that you don’t want some ‘stock-jockey’ living out their Wall Street fantasies by speculating and gambling with your money at what they see as the “stock market casino”. That’s not what you signed up for. You also don’t want some salesperson masquerading as an advisor chasing fads, or not providing research-based solutions for your portfolio. No. Instead, you long for a competent, creative, and trustworthy financial advisor to provide the stewardship of your financial assets. You value a stable firm that stands fiercely for the above qualities and also recognizes the importance of integrity, experience and quality of service.

Gentry Capital was created with just such a mission in mind. We are independent thinkers; we are creative advisors and we don’t have a big bank pushing us with sales quotas. We provide the unparalleled ‘Un-Common Sense©’ to our very satisfied clientele.

If you don’t stand for ‘something, you will ‘fall’ for everything. For this reason, Gentry Capital advisors have dedicated their careers to growing and protecting client wealth using our proprietary Gentry Capital Investment Theory©, which we invite you to learn more about. Gentry Capital…Advisors to the affluent since nineteen hundred and eighty-eight.

Operational Success

Our Growth Story

In author W.P. Kinsella’s own words, “Build it and they will come”. Never more could a statement be more fitting than for Gentry Capital. From its transformation to an independent advisory firm for the affluent investor in 2000, Gentry Capital through its advisor partners, has become one of the pre-eminent and best-known advisory firms in our area overseeing assets for a loyal clientele whose cumulative net worth is in the billions of dollars. While this represents an impressive total, even more impressive is our astounding rate of growth in assets under management over this period. At Gentry Capital, we don’t “spend” money looking for new clients; instead, we “invest” our time and resources in our current clientele, specifically ensuring that they receive the concierge service expected from a high-end firm such as ours. One hundred per cent of our growth can be traced to the referrals provided from our existing satisfied clientele and our strategic professional partners. They are our biggest fans, and we are continuously humbled and thankful for their generosity.

Parters for The Long Term

Strategic Partners

You have one family doctor – not two. They know you well, you know them well and most importantly you trust them and don’t want to lose them. Their role as your personal, dedicated health care provider is not to provide you with annual fridge magnets or send you third-party newsletters with zero relevance to your needs. Instead, their role is to understand and triage your needs to make a proper diagnosis; call on associated professionals where required, and then present you with their results based on their research, education and experience. But most of all they need to “care” and put your needs front and centre. In this way, the team at Gentry Capital are no different than your family doctor. Our unique ability is the keen sense to understand and diagnose your situation, create a proper plan, and then partner with the brightest minds in the profession to implement the solution, be they accountants, lawyers, or lending professionals. All of our professional partners are carefully screened to ensure that they are the best in their field and that most of all, offering client-centric solutions. Our work doesn’t end there however; we also believe that it is imperative to continuously monitor both your current situation as well as the implemented plan to ensure that the solution still fits the need. As you would expect, we take great pride in our creative solutions fulfilling our client needs.